Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where has the time gone

Wow, and to think that my last post was written the morning of the first day of school. There are now only 5 1/2  short weeks left to go. Where did the time go? As the year winds down I am finally finding some time to sit down without falling asleep immediately.

As I reflect on the past school year I can really only recall the good moments. While there were plenty of rocky days, I can only seem to remember the good ones. Some of my favorites were: the day one of my students spoke (actually sang) his first communicative words, the day  of the Holiday Show  when all my kids participated on stage and the audience went nuts with applause, the day of the talent show when my shy and quiet kiddo sang "We are the World" with clarity into the microphone in front of 100 people, and so much more.

I take a lot of photo's through out the year,and at the end of the year I always put together a CD for each child's parents. So now I am sitting down going through them all and I have taken WAY more than  I remember. I have beautiful kids. And I think the last few weeks of school are my favorite, not because I look forward to summer vacation, but because I can look back at pictures and remind myself of how much progress the kids made and that I had a hand in that. It inspires me for next year. And yes, I am already planning for next September..actually August since we will start early next year.

I hope to return to blogging regularly in the  next few months. I hope you will join me.



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  1. cool to read your post...I just about dropped when I opened up my Google Reader and saw your blog post ;} So hard to believe that it's the middle of May already...this year is flying by faster than the last! Hard to believe that you are getting ready for your summer break and we are getting ready for our summer vacation in a few short weeks. So neat that you've taken photos of your kids for the parents...I'm sure they really appreciate it...more than you'll ever know. Great to see you blogging once again xoxo Bobbi